Tiresias Big Data

The technological platform TIRESIAS is the ideal solution for the development of Smart City solutions, allowing interoperability between municipal services through its unparalleled adaptability, offering an integrated vision of the city and its entire management as well as carrying out an integral analysis of the available data.

A deep look at Tiresias


Real-time data flow processing capability from hundreds of thousands of IoT devices.


Storage of large volumes of data in distributed form. The performance of the system is ensured by increasing linearly as new nodes are added to the cluster.


Microservices allow to encapsulate simpler business functions, which can be scaled, tested, implemented and managed independently.

Discover the Monitorization Console

TIRESIAS incorporates different monitoring tools with metrics of the different components that are part of the Smart Metering platform. 

From the Monitorization Console the user can access such metrics being displayed in very intuitive BI Dashboards, offering a bird’s-eye view of the entire system through the display variables (KPI’s). The Monitorization Console greately simplifies the process of data gathering, reporting and further managerial decissions by centralising the information flow.

Discover the Administration Console

TIRESIAS has been built from a distributed operating system based on DC / OS (datacenter operating system) allowing for the managing of multiple devices both in-cloud and locally from a single web interface. 

It allows for the deployment of containers, distributed services and legacy applications in those devices, and provides mechanisms for network management, service detection and resource management to keep services running optimally and scalably.

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