In a World of Big Data, Winners have to be even Bigger

Tiresias' Key Advantages

management in real time

Unified, high-performance, low-latency platform for real-time management of different data sources.

big data

The Tiresias Big Data system has been designed to process large volumes of data in real time and with great variability of information.


The system allows its integration with the main Smart Meter manufacturers in the market.

Integrated analytics

The Platform has the necessary tools for the creation of Predictive Models, as well as automatic learning algorithms.

Iot sensorisation

Secure communication, data processing, and device management in different types of locations and connected devices allow you to easily create IoT applications.

cloud / On-premise

The platform can be deployed in both Infrastructure in the Cloud and On-Premise.

12 years of experience

The Tireasias system is the result of more than 12 years of accumulated experience processing and analysing the readings of more than 650,000 Smart Metering devices.

business model

The Platform allows the devices to be able to communicate with each other and to transmit information without intervention, allowing the possibility of creating new business models.

efficiency & savings

Tiresias will not only allow for an incremental improvement of efficiency of your system but also reduce your current spending in Smart Metering applications thanks to it adaptability.

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